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Almost 8 percent of children in the U.S. has a speech disorder by the time they’re three. Some of these disorders are more serious than others.

Parents shouldn’t start to worry right away. There is always the chance that your child will catch up and never have an issue. But, at what point do you decide to get child speech therapy in Everett? 

Should You Get Child Speech Therapy in Everett? 

Are you concerned about your child’s speaking abilities? Here are some of the top reasons why your child might need a speech therapist. 

1. Trouble with Interrupted Speech 

Stuttering is a common speech disorder among adults and children. This problem with speech fluency effects around one percent of the total population

While stammering is the speech part of this disorder, there are other parts of it. Physical tics and blinking also come with it. And the main cause is unknown, aside from behavior or family history. 

Speech therapists can help treat this disorder by helping to treat the triggers. Triggers are things that start the physical tic that ends up making your child stammer. 

2. A Delay in Speech 

Some children decide not to speak at all. It doesn’t mean they can’t, it means they aren’t ready. Or, the child isn’t speaking with an age-appropriate vocabulary. 

There’s a chance your child could only be a little behind and can soon catch up with some help for therapists. Or, something in your child’s brain is hindering their vocabulary and speech retention. 

Seeing a pediatric speech therapist for this would give you answers and directions. They can run tests, and spend time with the child to get an idea of what’s going on. 

3. Trouble Articulation Speech 

Some children have a common problem with articulation disorders. Put simpler, it means they have trouble pronouncing certain words. 

For some children, it isn’t very serious. They grow out of it when they go to school and learn the correct way to say things. But for other kids, there is always a difficulty with words. 

  • Omitting parts of the word– taking the first part off and only saying the last
  • Substitutions– “weally” instead of “really”
  • Adding to a word– anything that lifts the word to another syllable 

There are many ways these examples can manifest. It’s up to you and a pediatric therapist to decide what’s serious and what isn’t. 

4. No Sound During Speech 

Something else you may notice in your child’s speech patterns is the absence of noise. 

When your child can form the motions of speech but nothing comes out, it’s called Apraxia. And it can be the symptom of underlying issues in your child’s health. 

How will therapists help you with this problem? They may perform hearing tests. Or they may help by doing speech drills in which they teach children how to form words through practice. 

Hire a Pediatric Speech Therapist  

The bottom line is, if your child shows any signs of a speech disorder, they may need help. Investing in child speech therapy in Everett is your best bet to help your child catch up. Most speech disorders are treatable, and hiring a professional is wise.

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