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Did you know that around 5% of children entering first grade will have a noticeable speech disorder? While every parent wants to believe their child doesn’t struggle with speaking, a speech or communication issue could happen to just about anyone.

Here are some of the signs that your child is experiencing issues with their speech and communication.


It’s common for any child to make errors while they speak, but stuttering can become a life-long issue if it isn’t treated properly. If you notice your child repeating parts of words, this implies that they need the help of a pediatric speech therapist.

Keep in mind that the simple repetition of complete words or phrases is normal in most children. After all, it’s not uncommon for children to grow excited about learning a new word. Repeating an entire word is just their mind registering new information.

Incorrect pronunciation of sounds and words

It’s cute when your three-year-old doesn’t know how to say their Rs and Ss properly. After all, most children generally grow out of this phase. But if your child is still experiencing prolonged or severe issues with pronunciation, they may have a speech disorder.

Many children coping with a speech issue will have trouble pronouncing the following letters and sounds: R, S, T, F, and D. But depending on their age, this might not be a sign of a larger issue. Talk to your occupational speech therapist about which milestones your child should be achieving in their age range.

Excessive tantrums

When your child isn’t able to communicate effectively, they will feel frustrated and uncomfortable. With no other way to express what they want, it’s common for children with speech issues to throw a tantrum. If you happen to notice excessive crying, fits, or tantrums in your child, they might be experiencing frustration with a communication disorder.

How can I know for sure?

The best way to tell if your child is experiencing a speech disorder is to rely on the skills of a pediatric speech therapist. The pediatric speech therapists at Clear Speech have years of experience diagnosing and treating speech disorders and communication issues in a number of different languages. For more information on the benefits of speech therapy, contact Clear Speech today.