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To begin the scheduling process, please contact our office at 425-259-7285. Speak with us regarding your child’s medical history and your main concerns. We will do our best to answer any questions and appreciate an opportunity to speak with you directly about our services, scheduling, and working with your insurance.
The following intake forms are needed to complete your child’s initial visit. Once completed please fax to 425-259-6317, email to kristin@clearspeechinc.net, or print and mail the completed forms to:

Clear Speech Inc.
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How To Register Your Child for Clear Speech?

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to our amazing staff! We are here to help.

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01. Check the basics

By testing areas of concern, we will be able to identify your child’s areas of strength and weakness.

02. Let’s Create Achievable Goals

Based on our conversations with you, observations of your child, and testing, we will develop a plan of treatment for your child if necessary.

03. We Will Then Make Progress Through Work & Play

We will establish a regular schedule for treatment.



How much home practice will my child need?

Like playing the piano, practice makes perfect. However, with speech sound errors, anytime you attempt communication, your errors are there and apparent to all. Pointing out each error will have the affect of over correcting your child. Being over corrected can be very discouraging, especially when you’re already trying your best.

Plan a time to play a ‘speech game’, provided by your therapist, three times per week, or let your child know in advance that you’ll correct them only on certain words. Regardless, it is always best to notice what your child is doing well, that you understand their message, and that you enjoy communicating with them more than correcting them.



My son could not say his “g” and “k” sounds. Melisa Aar has been so fantastic with my son. He is able to say all his sounds now and is more confident when he talks to people. The therapists are so personable here and we would give Miss Melissa 5 stars for being so awesome!

Christina B 
Christina B

We were looking for supplemental speech for articulation concerns during the summer. Not only did we get help in articulation, but help with his Sensory Processing Disorder. The Safe and Sound Protocol helped in ways I didn’t realize were available through speech therapy. My son’s speech is more intelligible and many of his sensory phobias have dissipated. Clear Speech is great at addressing the child’s needs in the usual ways as well as introducing the newest most innovative therapy treatments available.


Both of my kids had speech delays and would get frustrated due to their lack of language development. Now I can carry on full conversations. They both are a lot more focused! They love coming to their sessions and have had progress in their behavior and attitudes! I would highly recommend Clear Speech to any family needing speech services. The progress I’ve seen in both my children has been amazing since we started coming here! The therapists are so friendly and professional!


Prior to speech therapy at Clear Speech, it was hard for my child to communicate. He also was combative and frustrated. He now is able to speak in sentences and describe what it is if I didn’t understand the first time. He also has more confidence. Lucas is no longer combative. With any child that has delayed speech, you should seek speech therapy and any help before school will be a huge benefit.


Before I came to Clear Speech therapy my child was not speaking. No
sentences or anything. Life was challenging not just for me but for my
child as well. I noticed my child is now saying more sentences, has
improved eye connection, and is a better listener. I would recommend to
another family that it is very important to get your child into speech
therapy as soon as you can because it’s like a tool, not only for your
child, but it also helps the parent work with your child on speech and
learning to communicate.

Deborah H 
Deborah H

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