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Your child’s speech impediment can cause issues throughout life. We assume the best in people but bullying may happen. This causes self-esteem issues, closing them off from the World… but that’s not all.
Speech disorders cause communication errors that may make learning a difficult task. Some disorders cause pain from the erratic pitch and volume shifts, too.
Your child is among the 1 in 12 with some form of speech disorder.
Hope is not lost, though. A speech therapist in Everett can give your child the gift of clear speech. This article shares how pediatric speech therapy can help.

Seeing a Speech Therapist in Everett: The 5 Life-changing Benefits

Speech therapists help a wide range of children with speech disorders. This often common speech disorders to helping those with autism and down syndrome.
How can your local Everett speech therapist help? Consider the following:

1. Taking Control of Stuttering

Stuttering is a break in speech often mild but sometimes jarring. A therapist can help your child create routines to control physical mannerisms. Or, help children with ADHD and other mental disorders focus and find their words.

2. Stimulating Language Learning

Many parents and teachers have trouble educating children with speech disorders. Their inability to communicate spark anxieties, causing them to shy from learning activities.
A speech therapist:

  • Has the training and patience to educate
  • Works with children one-on-one or in group environments
  • Helps the child overcome their communication anxieties

Therapists stimulate language learning through exercises and games. Or, use expressive facial motions — with physical contact — to convey the concepts.

3. Advises the Hard Parental Decisions

Some speech impediments result of brain trauma or physical disorders. Your child’s speech therapist will assess their abilities. Then, recommend advanced treatment options such as surgical procedures.

4. Helping with What We Take For Granted

The simple act of eating and swallowing food is something we take for granted as we do it without thought. Yet, your child may pose these issues stemming from their speech issues. A therapist may have special training to help your child command this basic function.

5. Learning to Learn with Listening

Communication goes beyond the sounds coming from our mouth. Speech is expressive, involving our hands, facial changes, and body language. Your child may not present these motions because of their disconnect from speech.
Speech therapy techniques can help children learn expressive communication skills. This will help their learning as their command for language grows. In turn, it may help your child pay attention and end disruptive issues in school.
Better communication will help your child become a better reader, too. Your child won’t feel afraid to read aloud — letting their minds absorb the subjects.

6. Giving them a Safe Space

Growing anxieties from speech disorders may turn your child into a recluse. They may avoid interactions in fear of being bullied or judged. This cuts off communication they need to learn and change their speech behaviors.
Going to a pediatric therapist can feel like a safe space. Your child builds trust with the professional, overcoming their fears.

Give Your Child the Gift of Speech

Contact a speech therapist in Everett to learn how the process begins. You owe it to your child to give them every opportunity this world offers. Take the next 15 to 20 minutes and have a free consultation with our pediatric speech experts.