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Realizing that your child has speech delays can be stressful, but with the availability of speech therapy, your little one will recover in due time. Therapy for child with speech impediments can be challenging to navigate; that’s why you deserve to know what to expect. Here are some of the most common lessons your little one will be taken through.

  1. Language activities: Language activities rely on play to encourage speech. During play, your child will use pictures, books, and objects as the speech therapist take them through pronunciation. The therapist will also arrange for language development events where your child will be stimulated to develop language basics. Repetition is an integral part of learning and speech. Through practice, your child will have the opportunity to model the correct pronunciation, which will build their speech and language skills.
  2. Articulation therapy: It’s not uncommon for some children to speak quietly or mumble. Unfortunately, this can hinder their relationships with others since most won’t be able to understand them. Through articulation therapy, they will learn about which sounds and syllables to use through practice, age-appropriate play activities, and vocal exercises. The clear speech specialist will show your child how certain sounds are formed and made, such as “R” and “T,” demonstrating how to move the tongue to produce the sound.
  3. Oral-motor skills: One of the major causes of speech impediments in kids is that their oral-motor skills are not well developed. This often causes your child to have trouble controlling their jaw and other speech-related body parts. The therapist takes your child through oral-exercises that strengthen their muscles, including the tongue, lips, and muscles around the jaw.
  4. Fluency lessons: Therapy for child with speech impediments will often include a fluency class. Fluency disorders occur when your child can repeat certain sounds with ease, but they have a problem saying the complete word. For instance, your when your little one wants to pronounce the word “bottle” they may get stuck at “b” or say something like “b-b-b-bottle”. This stutter can also occur when your child drags out certain sounds “boooottle.” With help from a therapist, they can limit their stutter and express themselves more easily.
  5. Language disorder: Sometimes, your child may have a difficult time expressing themselves. This typically occurs when your child uses a different word to refer to something even though they know the correct term to use. This can lead to frustration in both parties. Pediatric speech therapy will help your child can express their thoughts clearly. Therapy for child with speech impediments teaches your little one communication skills where they learn how to change language according to the people and place, and to follow general conversation rules.
  6. Cognitive communication lessons: These lessons will include attention, memory, executive function, abstract reasoning, and awareness. Some kids who suffer from speech impediments also have trouble in self-monitoring, planning, and problem-solving. Whether the child is born with the disorder or they acquired it later on, therapy will help them catch up and develop the skills they need to monitor themselves as they speak, plan what to say, and solve problems. Your little one will also learn compensatory methods they can use to fill in any deficits in their speech.

Speech delays are said to be commonly caused by hearing problems. Statistics say that one in every five people have hearing loss in one of their ears. Take your child’s health and ensure that your child is meeting speech milestones as they grow. Once you notice speech problems in your little one, don’t wait too long before you get a diagnosis. The earlier a speech problem is arrested, the easier it is for your child to recover.

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