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Nearly 1 in 12 children in the US has some sort of speech or language disorder. While we know that all children develop at their own pace, it can be worrying if your child doesn’t seem to be keeping up with their peers.

But when should you ask for help? If you’re considering pediatric speech therapy in Mukilteo, this article will be a useful guide for knowing when to give us a call.

Signs Your Child May Need Speech Therapy

1. Social Interaction

Babies are dependent little things, so from an early age, they have to learn to ask for what they want. You should look for the following measures of interaction before considering child speech therapy.

  • Not smiling by around three months of age
  • Babies who aren’t babbling by around seven months old
  • Your baby isn’t making gestures, like pointing by 12 months.
  • Your child doesn’t seem to understand what you are saying to them, by around 2 years old.

2. Low Vocabulary

By about 18 months, children know around 20 words (on average). They should then pick up around another 30 words by the time they’re two. If your child isn’t gaining new words and using them regularly, you should consider speech therapy for children.

3. Early Sentences

Once children get to around two years old, they start to put two or more words together to make simple sentences. It’s usually something like, ‘Daddy up!’ or ‘More bikbik’. If this sentence building doesn’t start, you might want to look into kids speech therapy. 

4. You Have Problems Understanding Them

One thing that can cause parents to wonder, ‘Does my child need speech therapy?’ is when other people can’t understand them. This can be common, up to the age of about two years, it’s often hard for anyone but close family to understand what they mean. After this age, if you notice other people are struggling to understand your child, it could be a red flag.

5. Difficult Sounds

Mispronounced words are normal, and can be one of the sweetest parts of early speech. A young child might say, ‘Lello’ instead of yellow, for example. The earliest sounds mastered are usually the soft ones; m, b and p. After that come the harder sounds like a k or a g. If your child gets to around 4 years old and is still struggling with some of those earlier sounds, it’s worth considering an appointment with a child speech pathologist.

Pediatric Speech Therapy in Mukilteo

At Clear Speech Inc we take a different approach to many speech clinics. You won’t find white coats and impersonal appointments, just a homely atmosphere where you and your child can start your speech therapy journey together. We do this because we want to see how your child speaks in a normal environment, not a sterile and maybe even a scary one.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech development, then do please get in touch. We’re specialists in pediatric speech therapy in Mukilteo, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and help give your child the best possible start.